Desiccants and packaging solutions from TROPACK

There are many reasons to combine the protection of your goods with our experience:
A broad selection of desiccants, our technical expertise, continuity in our production along with our development of packaging innovations!

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Protect and Preserve

Desiccants retain the value of your commodity

Within closed or hermetically restricted space there is always a microclimate, in which microorganisms can exist. They can influence the environment and damage or destroy the articles which are in it.
Even glass is affected: Fungi can withdraw the mineral constituents in glass, consequently resulting in turbidity (or haze). This is detrimental – e.g. where high-quality optical glasses are concerned.

Desiccants abolish harmful humidity

For their metabolism, microorganisms need humidity. This is where a desiccator is applied: When enough humidity is withdrawn from an area or container, these microorganisms, often fungi, can not survive.

It all depends on the right desiccant

If to much moisture is removed from the space or container and hence the items therein, damage can also result. Therefore, good advice and consultation from experienced desiccant specialists are crucial!

TROPACK highly active desiccants deliver cost benefits

• No damage in transit or storage due to moisture
• Minimize complaints
• Reduction of insurance premiums / no risk exclusions
• Simplified packing
• Optimizing transportation time
• Regeneration and environmentally friendly disposal of the drying agent



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The TROPACK mantra:
Zero tolerance of Risk! Moisture damage of your goods and equipment must be eliminated through expertise, experience and technology.

Service, consulting and the development of individual solutions on TROPACK's crusade against humidity provide ultimate customer benefits like safety and efficiency. As Germany's leading manufacturer of desiccant bags we are delighted to support you with our desiccant bags and solutions from our broad product range to provide protection against moisture.

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