Products & Services

As a leading manufacturer of desiccant bags, TROPACK Packaging GmbH offers a wide range of desiccant sachets with highly active TROPAgel® desiccants and a broad range of related products such as barrier films and packaging components. These result in safety and cost advantages for customers:

  • No transport or storage damage due to moisture
  • Minimize complaints
  • Reduction of insurance premiums / no risk-exclusions
  • Simple packing
  • Optimizing transportation time
  • Regeneration and environmentally friendly disposal of the drying agent (household waste)

Calculation Program

To determine the need for a transport project and / or storage project quantity of desiccant units is a TROPACK a specially developed program. It is available to customers on request free of charge.

Special Design and Requirements

TROPACK also supplies specialized desiccant bags, desiccant cartridges and capsules, as well as barrier films the meet customer's project requirements as needed.

Standards and certifications

TROPACK products comply with regulations such as DIN 55473, edition 12/2015, and are according to the DIN-5B003 & 5B004. Desiccant comply with the relevant provisions of the German Federal Health Law and the US Food & Drug Administration.


TROPACK desiccant bags are come standard in accordance with DIN 55473, alternatively with the warning "do not eat" in German, English, French and Spanish. The imprint of your company logo and customer-related information is of course possible.


Environmental and Social Sustainability

As a trading company, TROPACK Packaging GmbH views their key task as to provide customers with quality products and services. It is a major concern of TROPACK to make them available not only in a quality that convinces above and beyond the characteristics of the goods, but also through environmental and social sustainability.

TROPACK HAS NOTHING TO DO With the highly toxic DMF. DIN standards, EU directives and US FDA regulations to protect the environment and health are meaningful, balanced and correct. The TROPACK safety and quality is confirmed by regular DIN / ISO certifications. Thereupon Industry and Trade can leave just as consumers.

Supplies of goods, for example, from the Far East, where the highly toxic dimethyl fumarate (DMF) is often used as "auxiliaries", are a major threat to human health and the environment. DMF is harmful and strictly prohibited in the EU.

TROPACK desiccants are non-toxic, food-safe, free of harmful substances, odorless and regenerable. In order to protect goods from moisture, the necessary amount of desiccant can be determined reliably with the TROPACK calculations program.

Efficiency & Environmental Protection

TROPACK desiccant can be regenerated as often as desired, without losing its effectiveness. This is done by heating to the corresponding temperature:

Silica Gel150 °C
Clay 150 °C
Molecular Sieves300 bis 400 °C
Indicator Gel 120 °C max.

In the regeneration of the desiccant bags, it is necessary that the temperature resistance of the wrapping material be considered.

TROPACK uses different quality wrapping materials for the production of desiccant bags, depending on application. There is a distinction between Type A "dust" and version B "dustproof". All types can be provided with a humidity indicator additionally.

Headquarters Lahnau-Waldgirmes

As Germany's leading desiccant bag producer Tropack manufactures its products exclusively at its headquarters in Germany. Both customers and employees are warmly welcomed inside the TROPACK Packaging GmbH in the newly constructed site located in Lahnau. This new location provides approximately 2,000 square meters for production, and other 500 sqm for administration and sales, bringing all devisions under one roof. Creating a modern building with new technology and advanced equipment, together with the growing order volume and process optimization, TROPACK is ready to further provide excellent Products and services for years to come. Contact us and let's discuss what we can do for you.

Expansion of production and warehouse space

In order to meet the growing demand of customers, Tropack has expanded its capacities for the production of desiccants at the headquarter in Lahnau, Germany. Since January 2017, there are another 600 square meter of floor space available, which allows Tropack to adapt even more flexibly to the individual needs of its customers. One example is the very broad range of desiccants at stock that Tropack uses for the production of its desiccant bags. These desiccants cover various types of silica gel, e.g. white silica gel gel, orange gel, Rubingel or Envirogel as well as molecular sieves in different sizes and clay.