Activ-Polymer® Technology

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Activ-Polymer® Technology

…we come to grips with moisture

The Activ-Polymer® technology opens up new and innovative paths for packaging pharmaceutical preparations and medical goods. The airtight container and cans offer "built-in" product protection against damage caused by moisture or germs. In the composite plastic, particles are included to adsorb moisture, oxygen or odors and / or fight bacteria with microbiology.

The new TROPACK product line currently encompasses the following areas:

  • Containers with an Activ-Polymer® insert which completely encloses the contents of the container, such as for the hermetically-sealing hinged-lid containers from CSP with a capacity of 10 - 200 ml for pharmaceuticals, laboratory samples or liquids.
  • Activ-Polymer® Film with a thickness ranging from only 0.3 mm up to 1.5 mm, with which flat or shallow plastic pockets or bags, for test strips or diagnostic medical dipsticks, can protect the packaged products against damage caused by moisture or humidity.
The patented Activ-Polymer® technology regulates the flow of the smallest molecules through the polymer. The technology is based on the combination of three materials:
  • As the basic component, a main polymer ensures the structure of the packaging product.
  • The active component provides for the desired properties such as the absorption of moisture, humidity and oxygen or the release of a biocide against germs and bacteria. In addition, the combination of various diverse components for the simultaneous absorption of moisture and oxygen is possible.
  • A second polymer, which does not mix with the main polymer, surrounds the active components and thus creates the means of access and flow.

The new active composite synthetic plastic materials transport gaseous molecules through the packaging or else absorb moisture in the packaging, which assures the optimal environment for the packaged product. Through the use of Active-Polymer® technology, the interior 'climate' or environment of the packaging is controlled, depending on the active component, by the absorption of moisture, humidity, oxygen or odours, or by the release of aromas or biocides against germs and bacteria.

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