Aluminum Barrier Film

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17. November 2018
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17. November 2018

Aluminum Barrier Film

Aluminum Barrier Film as a colpliment to TROPAgel® - Drying Agents

Goods vulnerable to corrosion need to be protected by a reliable form of packaging if they are supposed to be transported by sea or into polar or tropical regions. The same caution is to be applied to storage periods extending one year or more.

Climatic packing - economical aluminum barrier film

The climatic packing consists of a water vapour-close aluminum barrier layer with a sufficient quantity desiccator. The component item numbers for barrier layer sandwich foils, suggested here, are economical, because:

  • it to be optimally co-ordinated can do
  • by their small weight freight charges save and
  • the expenditure of the preservation and deprocessing to be kept minimum can.

Aluminum Barrier Film Materials for Demanding Requirements

Tropac® III - Aluminum Barrier Film is tear-resistant product with an enhanced tensile and bursting strength and offers a 100% protection against water vapour, oils and grease. The material is flexible, scrub and rot resistant and heat-sealable on the matt side of the product. Our aluminum barrier films are also available as tubes, flat bags or crate liners.

TROPAgel® - Drying Agents in combination with barrier films are the perfect all-weather packaging. The aluminum barrier films hermetically seal the packaged goods from the ambient air. The drying agent adsorbs and scavenges the remaining moisture from the bag’s interior.

Swing lids and crate applications

As a special service we can offer manufacturing of swing lids and crate applications specialized for your needs.

Aluminum Barrier Film | Technical Data

The right film for every situation - Here are some bits of information to help you decide when the different barrier films can be used.
For transportation and storage periods with a maximum term of 1 year. When using standardized packaging with polyethylene barrier film it is important to use a film with a total thickness of 200 microns and a maximum water vapour permeability rate of 0.5 g/m² in 24 hours and 23°C/ 85% RH (please also refer to DIN 55122).
TL 8135-0003 Aluminum barrier film is suitable for a feed and a storage time from one year to five years. Long-term packing must be e.g. welded in an aluminum barrier film, Tropac® barrier layer sandwich foil.
A water vapour-close packing, which prevents the penetration of air humidity with security. Uniquely along-packed air must be dehumidified from there. In this case the temperature in the luggage space is to be considered. For the drying process of 200 l air space within the packing one needs 1 Einh/TM, related to the empty bundle. With all packing absolute seam tightness and uninjuredness are natural.