Container Desiccant Bags

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Container Desiccant Bags

The Drying Agent

TropaSorb™ desiccant bags are equipped with a specially developed drying agent with very high humidity adsorption properties. They have been especially designed to effectively protect the goods against rust, corrosion, mildew, and other moisture and humidity damage during transport over longer periods of time. The amount required always depends upon the individual container size. For example, 32 desiccant bags would usually suffice for a 20-foot container.

The Durability

TropaSorb™ desiccant bags are designed to last over longer periods of time. They are capable of adsorbing humidity over the course of 45 days and beyond and thus protect the transported goods against moisture-related damage. The handling is easy. They are simply placed on the bottom or near the wall of the container. TropaSorb™ desiccant bags are wear-resistant, dust and lint-free and equipped with an integrated heat protection and also suitable for storage container use.

The Labelling

The bags come with a standard, “do not eat”, warning statement in German, English, French and Spanish. All bags can be imprinted with a warning or caution statement and your company logo according to your request. Please contact us at any time for further inquiries.

The Product Composition

Both bag and drying agent are explicitly labelled to be approved for food contact. Tyvek® has been medically tested. The material is chemically inert which makes it suitable for the use during food transports. The drying agent inside the bag, for which the application for a patent has been filed, does also meet the requirements of the German Federal Public Health Department and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

TropaSorb™ Desiccant Bag

Fill: Calcium Chloride Vermiculite
Weightg200 +/- 10 %
Dimensionsmm130 x 280