Desiccant Capsules

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18. November 2018
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18. November 2018

Desiccant Capsules

Desiccant capsules are a very good protection for all pharmaceuticals due to their various sizes and shapes. They can be filled with a variety of desiccants to fulfill the individual requirements of specific use cases. The standard desiccant used in desiccant capsules are silica gel and molecular sieves.


Desiccant capsules are filled with active desiccants during the production process. In order to maintain the desiccants' performance level during transport and storage, the product is delivered in hermetically sealed protective packaging. The standard form of packaging is a 0.2 mm polyethylene pouch further containing a humidity indicator. Another option is the use of water vapour resistant laminated aluminium foils in line with TL 8135-0003. The bags are non-transparent and the humidity indicators on the inside may only be inspected with the bag open. There is an option to select from transparent laminated foil bags possessing a very high water vapour resistance in compliance with MIL-B22191, type I.

Product Range

Desiccant capsules (cylindrical container) with porous cover disc of cardboard, cannot be regenerated

Article no. Description Dimensions Installation length in mm
HKS000001Desiccant capsule KA 0,4
Filling: 0,5g white gel
Ø 12,7 Height 9
HKS000101Desiccant capsule KA 1,25
Filling: 1,25g white gel
Ø 20 Height 10
HKS000003Desiccant capsule KA 3
Filling: 3g white gel
Ø 29 Height 10
HKS000301 Desiccant capsule KO 0,65
Filling: 0,65g orange gel
Ø 15 Height 10
HKS000300 Desiccant capsule KO 3
Filling: 3g orange gel
Ø 29 Height 10
HKS000302 Desiccant capsule KO 4
Filling: 4g orange gel
Ø 31 Height 12
HKS000031 Desiccant capsule KO 27
Filling: 27g orange gel
Ø 61,5 Height 20
HKS000401 Desiccant capsule KM 1
Filling: 1 molecular screen
Ø 13,9 Height 17,3
4440-12-140-2234Desiccant capsule transparent
Filling: 5g orange gel; 2 pcs. per packaging
Ø 36 Height 8,2
4440-12-363-2254 Desiccant capsule transparent
Filling: 5g white gel; 2 pcs. per packaging
Ø 36 Height 8,2

The filling weights of the capsules can vary because of the different weight of the desiccants. If you should need other sizes and dimensions, please contact us - we are glad to help you. Technical details are subject to change, please contact us for the latest details.