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16. November 2018
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Humidity Indicators

Humidity Indicators show ...

– when combined with desiccants – the climate and moisture level inside the packaging. Humidity indicators consist of a special absorbent paper. Several areas of the paper are printed with cobalt (II) chloride solution varying in concentration. The numbers inside the moisture sensitive areas indicate the relative humidity with a visible colour change from blue to pink. A drop in humidity is shown through the reverse process of the colour change.


The humidity indicators are placed either inside the barrier foil or form a part of the vision panels or viewing plugs. Properly packaged exported goods with sufficient desiccants experience a 20% RH drop at normal temperature within a very short period of time. The colour of the humidity indicator used should therefore be blue in the 30% spot. If this should not be the case after 2 to 3 days have passed, the packaging ought to be inspected for any leaks or tears, too low amounts of drying agents or moist packaged goods. The colour reaction of the humidity indicator card, however, can be delayed through low temperature levels during winter time, a lack of air circulation between humidity indicator and drying agent or foils not suitable for the purpose.


The humidity indicator cards are small-sized, easy to handle and inexpensive. When it comes to precision they should not be directly compared with expensive and sophisticated electronic measuring equipment. An inspection temperature of 20°C (+-2°C) allows for a tolerance level of + -5% RH. The humidity indicators thus comply with the military technical specifications TL 6685-0003 version 4 (September 1996). Please note that the colour change in regions with extreme climatic conditions maybe delayed or decreased, depending on whether the temperature is above or below 20°C. The deviation levels are approx. 2.5% RH for each 5°C above, resp. below 20°C.