Mini Desiccant Sachets

Rubingel Desiccant Bags and Sachets
18. November 2018
TROPAgel® Desiccant Bags and Sachets
18. November 2018

Mini Desiccant Sachets

The Product

The especially compact product requires only a minimum of packaging space. Its compact size (please refer to the table below) and the white silica gel or molecular sieve filling offer a multitude of application possibilities. At the same time, our “TROPACK Mini” reliably offers its usual and outstanding humidity adsorption capacity.

The Sachet Material

The mini sachets are made of heat-sealed Tyvek®. Tyvek® is an extremely resistant and durable material made from polyolefin fibres. The high fibre density guarantees an absolutely dust-free end product for the protection of sensitive goods. Additional features are the wearresistant and lint-free surface of the sachets.

The Desiccant

The bags are usually filled with white silica gel, but you can also select a molecular sieve - usually a 4Å (Angstroms) - or any other pore size molecular sieve as a desiccant that is filled into the desiccant bags.

The Durability and Shelf Life

Due to the chemically inert filling material, the protected goods remain free from fungi, corrosion and other detrimental chemical reactions.

The Product Composition

Tyvek® is medically tested, chemically inert and therefore serves as the ideal drying agent for all food packaging. The TROPACK minis are in line with the provisions of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the German Federal Public Health Department (“Bundesgesundheitsamt”). The desiccants used - white silica gel or molecular sieve - are in line with the requirements of the FDA and approved for indirect food contact applications. White silica gel further meets the TOSCA provisions of the positive list of additives of the Commission of the European Communities (CEC) for the manufacturers of food-proved additives, plastics and dyes, which may come into contact with food.


All bags can be imprinted with a warning or caution statement and company logo according to your request. The bags come with a standard “do not eat” warning statement in German, English, French and Spanish. We would be happy to accommodate your requests.

Tyvek® Miniature Desiccant Bags and Sachets

Fill: White silica gel fill 0.2-1 mm or molecular sieve 4Å

weight (g)0,51,02,03,0
dimensions +/- 2mm:20 x 3020 x 4023 x 5023 x 58