Packing Aids

TROPApuck® with Activ-Polymer®
15. November 2018
Seaworthy Packaging
10. November 2018

Packing List Envelopes

The packing list envelopes protect the shipping documents from environmental impacts such as dirt, dust, rain, etc. Please stick the envelopes with the self-adhesive reverse side to the outside of the packaging. The packing list envelopes are also available in red. They have a high visibility and the documents can be inserted from the front.
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Size I for DIN A 6 documents
Size II for DIN A 5 documents

The packing list is labelled in eight languages:
German | French | Portuguese | Arabic | English | Spanish | Russian | Chinese
Additional languages upon request.
Packing List Shields
small – for DIN A 6 documents
small – for DIN A 6 documents with additional blank space to insert the documents
large – with blank space for DIN A 5 documents

All packing list shields are printed in 10 languages. The shields are to be nailed to the shipping box.
Caution Labels and Signs for Drying Agent Method II VG95604.
Made from water-repellent paper and self-adhesive. Colour: red RAL 3000 . Farbe: rot RAL 3000
Nominal size 1
Dimensions: 34 x 74mm, Papier Vers.-Nr.: 7690-12-140-6350
Nominal size 2
Dimensions: 52 x 100mm, Papier Vers.-Nr.: 7690-12-140-6351
Nominal size 3
Dimensions: 74 x 148mm, Papier Vers.-Nr.: 7690-12-140-6352

Ventilation Panels / Swing Lids

Between the outer crate wall and the barrier foil in large packaged goods, there is always the possibility of the air to accumulate moisture at a fast rate. There is always the inherent risk of water vapour penetrating through the barrier foil. This can be prevented by installing so-called ventilation panels which facilitate an even circulation of the ambient air. Depending on the size of the packaging, it is recommended to install two or more ventilation panels in the upper part of the box. Those ventilation panels are also available in a swivelling design, allowing movement of the panel and checking humidity indicator on the inside of the packaging.
Ventilation panels: small - 130 x130mm / large - 180 x180mm
Swing lids: small - 130 x180mm / large - 180 x250mm

Tilt Indicator

It is vital that your goods be transported in a specific, resp. upright position. The indicator is the perfect tool to monitor a violation of your shipping instructions. The indicator can be stuck directly to the packaged goods due to its self-adhesive reverse side. The front side of the red plastic indicator is an arrowshaped compartment pointing upward. A metal tape separates the compartment which extends into two separate small compartments filled with blue granules at the bottom. The removal of the metal tape will activate the indicator. Any mishandling of your items will result in a trickling of the granules from their original position into the arrowhead where they will be kept due to the self-adhesive back side. This irreversible indicator allows for optimal monitoring of the shipping and handling procedures. Regardless of whether the indicator is attached to the inside or the outside of the packaged goods, we recommend to use two indicators for safety reasons. This method further helps to avoid any misuse or replacement of the device. The accompanying caution label serves to indicate the activity of the indicator, for the carrier and the recipient.


the reliable bodyguard for sensitive items Anyone shipping shock-sensitive goods is aware of the problem. The quality control usually ends with the loading and departure of the goods from the company premises. The way the shipping company handles the items is beyond control. The sender, however, warrants for damage-free delivery, except for obvious transportation damage.
Shockwatch® detects concealed damage which is not recognized at first glance. Any violation of the shipping instructions will be unerringly indicated right away. This tamper- proof device allows for exactly attributing any transport damage with regard to time and place. The principle is simple. The indicator is a label with a strong adhesive and a sensing indicator made of glass. The invisible part of the small glass tube contains a red liquid. Should the goods transported be mishandled in any way not according to the previously set instructions, the liquid turns into a permanent bright red color. The shock watch indicators are attached to each packaging together with a caution label prior to shipment. The person in charge of the goods consigned confirms the intact condition of the indicator by signature. All indicators will be inspected upon arrival of the goods. Any changes in colour or missing indicators will be noted on the receipt. Every Shockwatch® can be identified with a serial number in order to avoid any tampering. This number is also recorded in the shipping documents. Freight forwarders around the globe are very well aware of Shockwatch® transport indicators and have adapted to treat the corresponding shipments with special care. Any orders above 1,600 pieces can be produced with an individual imprint. Contact us about the cost of production.