TROPAgel® Desiccant Bags and Sachets

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18. November 2018
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TROPAgel® Desiccant Bags and Sachets

Less Storage and Transport Damage = More Profit

TROPAgel® Desiccant bags, filled with highly active drying agents, offer the ideal solution for the protection of moisture-sensitive goods such as, Machine tools, Data processing plants, Optical and precision instruments, Electronic equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Military components, Leather goods and Food.

TROPAgel® Desiccant bags prohibit Corrosion

Corrosion protection is further required during the transportation of industrial steel and iron products, as well as for copper and aluminium goods which are usually transported in a hermetically sealed environment, where the formation of condensation water will have a corrosive effect on the transported goods. The formation of such condensation water may be triggered by a sharp fall in temperature.

TROPAgel® Desiccant bags with high capacity

TROPAgel® desiccant bags are manufactured with highly efficient drying agents allowing for a high adsorption and drying rate thanks to their superior porous properties. The adsorption capacity may be as high as 30% of its weight at 80% RH and 25°C. TROPAgel® desiccant bags are chemically inert and nontoxic for metal or any other materials.

TROPAgel® Desiccant Bags and Sachets unit amounts

The filling of the desiccant bags is measured in units. One desiccant unit is equal to the amount of a drying agent capable of adsorbing a minimum of 3g at 20% relative humidity and 6g at 40% relative humidity of water vapour at an air temperature of 23°C (±2).

The DIN 55473 only allows for the description in desiccant units. The following table offers an overview of the approximate amount of desiccant in each bag.

= approx. g fill weight6121835701452855401130
Types Available
Types PA 1/6-4 units
Types VA 1/6-32 units
Types TA 1/6-16 units

These types are in line with the DIN 55473 in the 12/2015 version and are provided with the DIN Certco sign 5B003 and 5B004

VA Type B
Dust-free desiccant bag made of tear-proof non-woven / fleece material. Starting from 16 units with hanging loops included. Area of application: All packaging.
Low-dust desiccant bag made out of tear-proof non-woven / fleece material with additional ESD-coating.

Download ESD Zertifikat
PA Type B
Dust-free desiccant bag made out of soda-paper, suitable for regular use.
TA Type B
Dust-free tyvek desiccant bag made of a special tear-proof protective fabric with a low particle count. Area of application: Pharmaceutical industry, electronics and any packaging with elevated exposure levels. This item meets the FDArequirements (DMF 1893).
All products can be equipped with a 40% humidity indicator card as an additional feature. In that case, a “W” will be added to the product labelling (example: VAW).

Custom production and development
Please contact us for custom-made desiccant bags which we will manufacture according to your request and requirements. We offer special sized bags with an imprint according to your own design. We would be happy to assist you with your product needs.

TROPAgel® desiccant bags and sachets - also available as custom-made versions

TROPACK desiccant bags and sachets basic packaging is imprinted with an instruction manual. Inside this basic packaging, the desiccant bags may be stored in dry areas for extended periods of time without losing any of their dehumidifying capacity. Each of the basic packaging is imprinted with an instruction manual and contains a humidity level indicator 8% RH.

TROPAgel® desiccant bags and sachets are environmentally friendly

Our desiccant bags are biodegradable, non-toxic and can be easily disposed of with household waste.

The basic packaging consists of a polyethylene bag in with DIN 55473 and applies for all bag types which are divided as follows:

1 Basic pack contains:15080604020151053
Shipping containers and units
The items are shipped inside a corrugated cardboard box which holds up to 30 kg with a net weight of up to approx. 20 kg. The box includes the following total quantities:

1 Original cardboard box contains:1.350800720400240120603018
For a correct alculation based on DIN 55474, the following parameters are required:

  • volume inside the packaging in m³
  • humidity content per m³ air subject to the temperature and relative humidity during the packing
  • transport and storage time in days
  • water vapour permeability for the expected climate
  • amount of water vapour to be adsorbed by drying agent unit according to the permitted final moisture content
  • factor for moisture content per gram of the hygroscopic packing aid subject to the dry condition for wood, paper and cardboard